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Deerfield residents need a caring hand to put them first. I am a proud resident

of Deerfield township since 2015. I have lived in the area for over three 

decades and seen the township grow and thrive. I have witnessed its

prosperity and how it has attracted people from all different cultures and

evolved into a beautiful diverse community. The township has promoted

small and large businesses that have turned it into an incredibly vibrant

community. Deerfield has several beautiful parks that I am passionate about preserving and expanding the green space, along with adding colorful, flowering plants and shrubbery. I admire the diversity of the area

and strongly believe in celebrating the unique festivals and cultures of all different nationalities that

constitute the heart of Deerfield Township.

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My vision is to make Deerfield a walkable community. I would work diligently on building sidewalks to connect neighborhoods to local parks.

Deerfield Township prides itself on its beauty, embodied by its close-knit community and natural scenery. My vision is to preserve these efforts through the following: 

    •    Maintain current Deerfield Township green spaces and expand our parks, especially as we see more construction occur. The beauty of the township is a priority. 

    •    Reduce waste by encouraging recycling and composting through educational and community outreach efforts 

    •    Highlight our township’s diversity by facilitating celebrations of the different cultures and faiths represented in Deerfield 

    •    Utilize my past experience on the Homeowners Association board and as a tax-paying resident to balance the township’s budget, ensuring fiscally responsible decisions are made with the people in mind 


This is not an easy fight. It takes time, money, and real effort to make change. We need your help to win this election. As your doctor, I've actually cared for people in the area. I will bring that empathy to Deerfield Township residents. 


Putting My Experience
to Work

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My American Dream

I was originally born in Pakistan and moved to the USA in 1990, when I was 25 years old. I graduated as a Physician/MD from Wright State University (Dayton Ohio) in 1995, and have practiced General Medicine and Addiction Medicine for 27 years. Since 2001, I am proud to be a US citizen. I am a member of American Society of Addiction Medicine and am Board certified by American Board of Preventive Medicine.

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I am a proud mother of two intelligent young men, Yusef & Omar. They have two beautiful wives. My kids were raised here in Ohio and went to school locally. My adorable cat Hoodie is another great addition to our family!

A large motivation for this campaign stems from my experience as a physician working in the field of Mental Health and Addiction. I want to bring empathy from caring and treating patients for 28 years, to Deerfield Township. This campaign is about preserving Deerfield's strengths, while bringing a new perspective and ideas to the township. We must be fiscally responsible and care about our residents.

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