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Let's treat mental health
& addiction illness for a better future.

This is not an easy fight. It takes time, money, and real effort to make change. We need your help to win this election. We are up against an established incumbent who wants more of the same. Unlike my opponent, I've actually cared for people. I will bring that empathy to Warren County's residents. 

My Plan I bring a new perspective

  • Allocate spending for treatment & prevention for mental health & addiction in the criminal justice budget. This will decrease drug-related crimes, violence, and death.

  • Work with schools to introduce programs identifying high-risk youth and non-threatening intervention

  • Focus on recycling and incentivize programs for it

  • Fiscal responsibility and balanced budget

  • Represent all Warren County residents


Putting My Experience
to Work

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My American Dream

I was originally born in Pakistan and moved to the USA in 1990, when I was 25 years old. I graduated as a Physician/MD from Wright State University (Dayton Ohio) in 1995, and have practiced General Medicine and Addiction Medicine for 27 years. Since 2001, I am proud to be a US citizen. I am a member of American Society of Addiction Medicine and am Board certified by American Board of Preventive Medicine.

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I am a proud mother of two intelligent young men, Yusef & Omar. They have two beautiful wives. My kids were raised here in Ohio and went to school locally. My adorable cat Hoodie is another great addition to our family!

A large motivation for this campaign stems from my experience as a physician working in the field of Mental Health and Addiction. I want to bring empathy from caring and treating patients for 27 years, to Warren County Board of Commissioners. This campaign is about removing the stigma around Mental Health & Addiction, providing second chances, being fiscally responsible, and caring about our residents.

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